About me

Technical Skills
  • Languages: Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, PHP, HTML/CSS, Node.js, SQL
  • Frameworks/Libraries: React, Angular, Backbone, jQuery, Bootstrap, Spring, Android
  • Other: AWS, Git, Intellij IDEA, Adobe Photoshop, Linux & Bash Scripting
Work Experience
Amazon - Senior Software Development Engineer Vancouver, Canada | Nov ‘16-Present
  • Designed the transportation and logistics tools that drive the ultimate customer experience when they purchase from Amazon.
  • Developed complex distributed systems that help drive Amazon Freight business and utilize the transportation network.
  • Designed and developed the Amazon Freight portal, a multi-team owned Single-page application using React, Redux
Mediahead AG - Software Engineer Zurich, Switzerland | Oct ‘15-Aug’16
  • Designed and implemented the new user interface of the Online Advertisement Management Tool and made it responsive, interactive and more robust with the help of AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Optimized and migrated the server-side legacy code from PHP and SQL to Node.js and MongoDB.
CERN - Scientific Computing Operations Geneva, Switzerland | Sept ‘13-Oct ‘15
  • Operated a large and distributed computing infrastructure with 260.000 cores and 180 PB disk storage to handle experiment data.
  • Provided support for thousands of internationally distributed colleagues from 26 different countries.
  • Automatized the disk consistency checks to reduce human interactions and possible user faults using Python, Perl, Javascript.
  • Developed monitoring tools for time-critical activities to detect problems early which reduced the effort spent by our team on the regular tasks by 75%.
MilSOFT - Software Engineer Ankara, Turkey | Feb ‘13-Sept ‘13
  • Implemented in C++ an avionics system for military air-crafts and ground forces to exchange individual tactical data such as radar information with other ally units in near-real-time.
SRDC - Software Engineer Ankara, Turkey | July ‘11-Feb ‘13
  • Contributed to the open-source Apache Stanbol project which extends traditional content management systems with semantic services.
  • Implemented in Java, as part of a four-member team, one of the key components of the project, namely Contenthub, an Apache Solr based document repository.
  • Used a variety of Java technologies such as JDBC, JUnit, Hibernate and JAXB as well as Apache Projects such as Sling, Maven, Felix, Clerezza and Derby.
  • Middle East Technical University - Computer Engineering, B.S.Ankara, Turkey | Sept ‘08-June ‘13
    GPA: 3.43/4.0, Honors Degree
  • Full Stack Web Developer NanodegreeUdacity.com | 2015
Interests and Activities
  • Committer at Apache Software FoundationSept ‘11 - Present
  • Playing guitar and chess